New Releases 17/10/16


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Black Clouds acts as a bookend to the two previous releases under the Scum F.C moniker and the precursor to the all out attack that will be ‘British Bundschuh’. Equal parts violent and brooding the tracks on this release employ field-recordings from across the UK, synth drone and brutal knife to metal stabbing as those present at the infamous UK shows (and secret show) have come to know and love. Two sides of a C-40 and professional full colour printed covers. Fanatics of the club will not be disappointed, this one makes it a hat-trick.




Themed around the life an death of Joan of Arc this tape features a side each from Gargoyle and who I consider to be one the best current drone creators going, Culver. The tape comes with an over sized tape booklet with manipulated still from Carl Theodore Dryer’s ‘The Passion of Joan of Arc. For best results this tape must be listened to alone at night.




BATTALION- S/T (Second Tape) 

Five hard rocking tunes from Battalion. A mixture of  skinhead punk and thuggish battle metal in total homage to the old school. One for those who know what they like and like what they know!



Occulted Death Stance- ‘Soil of the Grave’ tape

Rancid black metal/ noise rock co release with Legion Blotan. First ten copies will come with a condom filled with soil from the cemetery I am buried in.

NAC- issue 1# tape

I have given into the pressure from the noise tape collectors and will do a very short run of the Menacing 84/ Rotten split on cassette. Everyone hates CDr releases apparently , for me shitty CDr’s are a key format for disseminating underground noise filth but what do I know!

Anti Social Klub England 2#

The gears are being put into motion albeit incredibly slowly for the second A.S.K.E live show. In a different venue as hosting Bizarre Uproar has gotten me forbidden to use the last one h0h0.

More Live videos 

Bandcamp page

Note: apologies for shitty photos, I am a Luddite when it comes to certain things.



Live Show

Video of an intimate Scum F.C. show in a car. This was filmed in Scotland where the drinking and driving laws are absurd so the throttle wasn’t getting hammered as much as desired as some tipples had been enjoyed before hand. However this is just a first in a series of videos being made so consider it just a sniff of much more engine noise mischief to come.

New Releases and upcoming Anti-Social Kultur 4/9/2016


New Releases from Anti-Social Kultur England:

Medieval Meditations C20- Brooding dungeon synth tracks to be used as back ground music as you mull over the finer points of bludgeoning your enemies into submission. Paying homage to artists such as Uruk Hai and Summoning while also carrying elements of martial industrial. This first demo will give you a brief but satisfying glimpse into the upcoming sounds of steel clad music to focus the mind for medieval battle.

O.A.F C40- The Occulted noise troupes first ‘studio’ release, that is if you can broaden what you consider a studio to cold warehouses, building sites and factories. A multi-layered sound collage built up from raw recordings and passed back and forth between the two current members until the final tortured sound was created. Two 20 minute tracks of field recordings, harsh noise synth experimentation and pedal abuse. Featuring members of Mutant Ape and Rotten/ Scum F.C. A return to Primitive Nihilistic Nowt that will not disappoint true maniacs.







Thorax AD ‘Painlands’- The second in the series of Thorax Burst art booklets showing illustrations of a harsh unfriendly future. This booklet is a collection of the latest batch of drawings and comes with the highly popular ‘mong’ logo badge.




Coming Soon:

Gargoyle/ Culver split C60

Rotten, new material in special card case with first All Dead Tapes tracks included.

NAC issue 2# (artists to be announced soon)

A.S.K.E compilation


Sold Out:

Gargoyle, disintigration project tape.

Scum F.C, ‘Pedo Isles/ Whoredom’


Still Available (in limited supply):

Killfuck cass

NAC issue 1#

Battalion cass

Copper s/t 7″

Oven III cass mongoloid version

Albion Warrior cass

Englands Sons, Albion Warrior/ Old Gaurd split cass

Thorax Ad, art booklet and reverse time capsule CDr

Slasher 11#- Outsider art and comics with compilation CDr

Ultra art booklet

Ultra ‘the female issue’ art booklet




New releases, update.

Fresh releases,

Killfuck c50- Schizophrenic noise rock/ noise-core that resides somewhere in the Walter Weasel/ Skin Graft noise rock sound. Ten tracks of high energy atonal attacks, recorded and produced and played to the highest standard, all hail Killfuck!


NAC 1# M84/Rotten CDr – First in A.S.K.E catalog of  split releases. A batch of 30 will be released each time with two tracks from two different artists culminating in tape compilation of everything in the series. Issue one includes brand new material from Menacing 84 and Rotten.



The first Anti Social Klub Event went off without a hitch and there is talk of a live release coming out from the recordings.

Moves are being made to put on the second event with two old-school noise makers from Newcastle area at a very special venue. This is all that can be announced at present so keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground.

The Gargoyle tape and disintegration project had to be stopped on the 13th copy as it deteriorated faster than expected. An interesting development that was not foreseen is the booklet started shrinking in size and text and images where put on a tilt, it started looking like tuning in an old tv and the image flickers down at an angle.

Listen to the final dubs of the 13th copy here:


Scum F.C – Pedo Isles/ Whoredom SOLD OUT copies may be available from Turgid Animal and Anolog Worship.

Still Available:

O.A.F – Birstall Live Sessions (not many left)

Batallion – S/T

Copper 7″

Oven III Mongoloid version


Scum F.C – first tape on All Dead Tapes


occulted death stance s/t on brigades of anger now sold out

email to buy




New releases, Leeds show, 13th copy

Out now:


O.A.F- Birstall Live Sessions

What came from Rotten & Mutant Ape collaborative sessions in a warehouse in Birstall, raw improvised harsh noise sessions.

Scum F.C- Pedo Isles/Whoredom

A follow up to the first tape released by Wealth of Abuse. Harsh noise, radio noise, power electronics and snippets of over 3 years of field recordings including a recent court appearance concerning a member of the local Pakistani community.

samples here



This is results of 13 duplication on the booklet, an upload of the 13th track will be added to soundcloud soon. The Gargoyle tape is discontinued after the 13th copy is sold. An inadvertent effect was that the booklet had to reduce in size as the photocopier skewed the images, see first  post concerning the Gargoyle release to see the difference in size and clarity.


The first Anti Social Klub Event 3/06/16



GARGOYLE, a disintegration project.

For this release each copy sold is is a photocopy/dub of the one that was sold before it, the first person to purchase one gets the master copy, the second a copy of the master and so on until the final copy is ruinous ghost. Sales will be limited to 30-50 copies depended how disintegrated it becomes.

A track a side on a C-20 cassette, consisting of hypnotic loop music similar to some of the more ambient works of NON and Culver. The samples used are exclusively from discarded Beethoven and Wagner records found in charity shops.

The artwork within the booklet is a photo taken of a diorama from the metalwork on the door to Milan’s Duomo and a silver carving from the Netherlands, overlaid with a photo of cheap injection mold plastic.

To puchase, paypal £5 with a note of address and item.