New Releases 17/10/16


To order any of these titles please email

or pay direct with paypal and put in the message box what you want.

Tapes £5,  P&P UK £1.50+50add, EU £3.00 + 1 add, USA £4.00 +1 add

ask for wholesale/trades



Black Clouds acts as a bookend to the two previous releases under the Scum F.C moniker and the precursor to the all out attack that will be ‘British Bundschuh’. Equal parts violent and brooding the tracks on this release employ field-recordings from across the UK, synth drone and brutal knife to metal stabbing as those present at the infamous UK shows (and secret show) have come to know and love. Two sides of a C-40 and professional full colour printed covers. Fanatics of the club will not be disappointed, this one makes it a hat-trick.




Themed around the life an death of Joan of Arc this tape features a side each from Gargoyle and who I consider to be one the best current drone creators going, Culver. The tape comes with an over sized tape booklet with manipulated still from Carl Theodore Dryer’s ‘The Passion of Joan of Arc. For best results this tape must be listened to alone at night.




BATTALION- S/T (Second Tape) 

Five hard rocking tunes from Battalion. A mixture of  skinhead punk and thuggish battle metal in total homage to the old school. One for those who know what they like and like what they know!



Occulted Death Stance- ‘Soil of the Grave’ tape

Rancid black metal/ noise rock co release with Legion Blotan. First ten copies will come with a condom filled with soil from the cemetery I am buried in.

NAC- issue 1# tape

I have given into the pressure from the noise tape collectors and will do a very short run of the Menacing 84/ Rotten split on cassette. Everyone hates CDr releases apparently , for me shitty CDr’s are a key format for disseminating underground noise filth but what do I know!

Anti Social Klub England 2#

The gears are being put into motion albeit incredibly slowly for the second A.S.K.E live show. In a different venue as hosting Bizarre Uproar has gotten me forbidden to use the last one h0h0.

More Live videos 

Bandcamp page

Note: apologies for shitty photos, I am a Luddite when it comes to certain things.



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