New Releases and upcoming Anti-Social Kultur 4/9/2016


New Releases from Anti-Social Kultur England:

Medieval Meditations C20- Brooding dungeon synth tracks to be used as back ground music as you mull over the finer points of bludgeoning your enemies into submission. Paying homage to artists such as Uruk Hai and Summoning while also carrying elements of martial industrial. This first demo will give you a brief but satisfying glimpse into the upcoming sounds of steel clad music to focus the mind for medieval battle.

O.A.F C40- The Occulted noise troupes first ‘studio’ release, that is if you can broaden what you consider a studio to cold warehouses, building sites and factories. A multi-layered sound collage built up from raw recordings and passed back and forth between the two current members until the final tortured sound was created. Two 20 minute tracks of field recordings, harsh noise synth experimentation and pedal abuse. Featuring members of Mutant Ape and Rotten/ Scum F.C. A return to Primitive Nihilistic Nowt that will not disappoint true maniacs.







Thorax AD ‘Painlands’- The second in the series of Thorax Burst art booklets showing illustrations of a harsh unfriendly future. This booklet is a collection of the latest batch of drawings and comes with the highly popular ‘mong’ logo badge.




Coming Soon:

Gargoyle/ Culver split C60

Rotten, new material in special card case with first All Dead Tapes tracks included.

NAC issue 2# (artists to be announced soon)

A.S.K.E compilation


Sold Out:

Gargoyle, disintigration project tape.

Scum F.C, ‘Pedo Isles/ Whoredom’


Still Available (in limited supply):

Killfuck cass

NAC issue 1#

Battalion cass

Copper s/t 7″

Oven III cass mongoloid version

Albion Warrior cass

Englands Sons, Albion Warrior/ Old Gaurd split cass

Thorax Ad, art booklet and reverse time capsule CDr

Slasher 11#- Outsider art and comics with compilation CDr

Ultra art booklet

Ultra ‘the female issue’ art booklet