New releases, update.

Fresh releases,

Killfuck c50- Schizophrenic noise rock/ noise-core that resides somewhere in the Walter Weasel/ Skin Graft noise rock sound. Ten tracks of high energy atonal attacks, recorded and produced and played to the highest standard, all hail Killfuck!


NAC 1# M84/Rotten CDr – First in A.S.K.E catalog of  split releases. A batch of 30 will be released each time with two tracks from two different artists culminating in tape compilation of everything in the series. Issue one includes brand new material from Menacing 84 and Rotten.



The first Anti Social Klub Event went off without a hitch and there is talk of a live release coming out from the recordings.

Moves are being made to put on the second event with two old-school noise makers from Newcastle area at a very special venue. This is all that can be announced at present so keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground.

The Gargoyle tape and disintegration project had to be stopped on the 13th copy as it deteriorated faster than expected. An interesting development that was not foreseen is the booklet started shrinking in size and text and images where put on a tilt, it started looking like tuning in an old tv and the image flickers down at an angle.

Listen to the final dubs of the 13th copy here:


Scum F.C – Pedo Isles/ Whoredom SOLD OUT copies may be available from Turgid Animal and Anolog Worship.

Still Available:

O.A.F – Birstall Live Sessions (not many left)

Batallion – S/T

Copper 7″

Oven III Mongoloid version


Scum F.C – first tape on All Dead Tapes


occulted death stance s/t on brigades of anger now sold out

email to buy