GARGOYLE, a disintegration project.

For this release each copy sold is is a photocopy/dub of the one that was sold before it, the first person to purchase one gets the master copy, the second a copy of the master and so on until the final copy is ruinous ghost. Sales will be limited to 30-50 copies depended how disintegrated it becomes.

A track a side on a C-20 cassette, consisting of hypnotic loop music similar to some of the more ambient works of NON and Culver. The samples used are exclusively from discarded Beethoven and Wagner records found in charity shops.

The artwork within the booklet is a photo taken of a diorama from the metalwork on the door to Milan’s Duomo and a silver carving from the Netherlands, overlaid with a photo of cheap injection mold plastic.

To puchase, paypal £5 with a note of address and item.


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